We specialize in large and difficult projects requiring great subcontractor relationships and intensive logistics planning

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At Farrington Construction Management, we know you want smooth, well-run projects with a reliable and trustworthy team. We understand, which is how we have built more than 60 projects valued at +$100MM in the past three years.  Our project portfolio includes:

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Trust and integrity are at the heart of our relationships. We strive to build relationships with our customers, trade partners & employees.

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Our experience ranges from 10 units to 300 units of urban infill, with an emphasis on design development.  We align client budgets to the market and give then confidence in their ability to achieve success


Interior & exterior office building renovations & tenant improvements of up to 100,000 square feet of tenant space and common areas.   

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Hybrid hotel / multifamily projects renting for as short as a night or as long as a year, alongside restaurant & bar amenities


Public & private recreational facilities, clubhouses, pools, and fitness centers.

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Serving insurance and remodel market sectors; our project experience ranges from single family homes to office parks 


Company founder, Eric Farrington, has been successful in delivering high quality projects on time and on budget, holding a 100% return client ratio and more than $1B of construction under management. He attributes his success to a win-win-win team approach. Eric believes that with excellent communication with subcontractors, ownership and the design consulting groups the entire team can share in the success.


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